RT Checks the Wire 7/9/09


* You have to be excited about the Artest signing if you are a Warriors fan. The Lakers were set to have a 4 year run where everyone knew their role and they were just going to get better. Now it is only a matter of time until Artest spits in Phil's face and demands he gets 25 shots a game. I still think the Lakers are the team to beat but I fail to see how the Artest move is worth the risk.

* I didn't even know what Cohan looked like until I read this article.

* How stupid do the Mavs look right now!?


* While chemistry in baseball is not as important as it is in other team sports, it still does matter and the Giants are proving it this year.

* If I could be anyone on earth, I would be Tim Wakefield.

* You really have to like the idea of trading Alderson or Baumgartner for Halladay. The guy dominates the AL East and he doesn't play for the Yankees or Red Sox. Can you imagine what he would do to the Padres and D'backs!!


* The answer to this question is H*** F***ING YES!!!


* After Roddick's performance at Wimbledon, Landon Donovan moves up to #1 in the rankings of America's least popular talented athletes. Congratulations!