Giants trade for Ryan Garko

The Giants traded for Cleveland 1B, Ryan Garko yesterday. While Garko will never, ever, ever be mistaken for Albert Pujols, he will be an upgrade at 1B where he will platoon with Ishikawa. Bochy said he's going to bat Garko 5th or 6th, so that gives you an idea of Garko's limitations.

Here is Rob Neyer's take on Garko, which includes Kawakami's points within.

Here are some Garko nuggets from

.280 career hitter with .355 OBP, 20-30 HR power and is right handed (good for AT&T power compared to lefties)

He hits .318 v. lefties, .270 v. righties. Same average v. righties as Ishikawa, but half as many Ks.

He's never played at AT&T so it will be interesting to see how well he adjusts.

Doesn't strike out too much (94 Ks is career high)

He's under team control for two more seasons at reasonable price and is 28 years old. (Cot's Contracts)

All in all, a decent move. The Giants traded a Single A(Scott Barnes) pitcher who probably tops out as a middle reliever. Sabean has said the team is not finished, so look for the team to add possibly a corner outfielder or 2B.

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