Checking the Wire 7/24/09


Matt Holliday is now a Cardinal. Albert Pujols was having a huuuuuuuuuuge year and now he has potection? Wow.

This is it? You're the A's beat writer and local newspaper! Another reason why the newspaper industry is dying. It's sad when a commenter(EiO) has a better write up about the prospects than the beat writer. Your Oakland A's!

Between the Lakers and the Dodgers, Bruce Jenkins can't stand the LA success. I just look at the Dodgers fans' worship of Manny and laugh at the hypocrisy. I hope someone throws an E.P.T. on the filed next time the Dodgers are at AT&T.


The NFL Draft will now stretch over three days with round one being Thursday night and Matt Maiocco likes it. I bet the 49ers like having that extra pick in the first even more now.

Pre-camp Raiders' OL breakdown. Less than a week until football! Finally!