RT Checks the Wire 7/23/09


* Posey is at the top of the list of Untouchables for the entire league.

* The Giants need to stick with Romo because his stuff can be nasty.

* The chances of Holliday accepting arbitration with the A's is ZERO.

* Am I the only one who doesn't buy into this pressure of making $126 mm over seven years? Seriously, he goes to clubs and nice steak houses and is set for life. Trying to figure out how to feed a family and make rent is a LOT more pressure filled experience than trying to major league hitters out. I hate these articles.

* If you give up more than 10 runs to the A's in two of out of three games, you should be demoted to the National League.


* It really is amazing how much more excited we are to see Beckham fail than succeed. If it helps soccer, I am all for it.


* Michael Vick to the Niners or Raiders doesn't change the fact that both of these teams don't have a good quarterback.

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