Checking the Wire 7/29/09


An excellent article from Tim Kurkjian on the evolution of the 100 pitch count. It's a good read and Orel Hershiser drops a lot of good knowledge even going back to the lowering of the pitching mound forcing pitchers to depend more on movement than stuff.

Bruce Jenkins says, "C'mon!" to Cooperstown inducting Pete Rose. I feel the same way. Buster Olney echoed the same thoughts yesterday about steroid users. The Hall of Fame should record baseball history, good or bad.

The rumors swirl that the Giants almost added and still could add Freddy Sanchez, but Baggs is beginning to doubt it. Baggs also mentions the Giants are really interested in Dan Uggla at 2B and would bat him clean up. Both those potential deals frighten me.

Who hits the shortest home runs? Surprisingly, no Giants on the list, probably because they don't hit ANY home runs. (h/t Neyer)


Training camp opened up yesterday and if you've been feenin' for some football here's Kawakami's transcripts of Alex Smith and Mike Singletary. The main things being Alex Smith feels good and Mike Singletary understands Crabtree's contract situation.

Gwen Knapp thinks Michael Vick will have no problem landing a job in the NFL.

Ray Ratto dusts off his College Football hat and says Cal's road to the Rose Bowl is going to be tougher than before...even though they haven't been in how long?

Is Scott Ostler the the Chronicle's Milton from Office Space? He just writes stuff and they publish it so they don't have to deal with him?

Matt Miaocco with more on Mike Singletary's personal history with holding out.

David White has Raiders reporting day notes.

Where to find Los Raiders en espanol this season.