Checking the Wire 7/22/09


Bruce Jenkins wins the Captain Obvious award for the day.

Kawakami takes a realistic look at the Giants trade market and he says the only realistic move is for Holliday. RT and I talked about Holliday on our last podcast and we agreed he would be good to rent and see how he plays at AT&T to possibly sign long term. I like Villalona, and he's young, but like Kawakami says, he's destined to be a 1B/DH.

In wake of the missed call at the plate to end the A's Twins slugest, Gwen Knapp says baseball doesn't need to expand it's instant replay. I tend to agree, unless it was the post season. I know I wanted a replay and fan interference in Game 6 in 2002, but that was mostly anger.

John Shea recaps Rickey Henderson's Hall of Fame legacy.

Interesting story about a couple who house San Jose Giants out of the kindness of their heart. Good read.


Matt Maiocco's list of most important players on the 49ers this season.

Kevin Lynch with an interesting blog entry about NFL players' weight.

The Silver and Black blog is back and looks at the Radiers QBs.

Meanwhile, Jerry Mac looks at the running backs.