RT Checks the Wire 7/21/09


* The A's pull of a huge comeback and nobody cares except for the Twins who got screwed on the last play of the game.

* I love how a team can lose 3 out of 4 games and score a total of 4 runs in the 3 losses and the story is about the bullpen not getting the job done. If your bullpen goes out there in a 3-3 game knowing full well the team has no chance to come back from a 2 run defecit in the late innings, how good do you think they are going to pitch!?


* Seriously, the Chronicle has two separate stories on Tom Watson this morning. Nobody cares about the British Open and they are going to write two articles two days after it is over. Keep up the good work.


* You know it is a slow day in sports when this is the main story.


* Rod Woodson is going to the Hall of Fame. How exciting!


* Let me be the first to tell you that Blake Griffin is not nearly as good as everyone thinks he is. Would you trade Randolph for Griffin? Either would I.