Checking the Wire 7/14/09


Kawakami touches on the Clippers serious interest in singing Allen Iverson to play alongside Baron Davis. What happens when matter and anti-matter collide? We'll find out next season.

MT II with a recap of Warriors' summer league, day 4.


The Giants are in this together. Think about that headline for a while. When was the last time the Giants were in it together? 1989?

The Giants and A's are heading in different directions. Now, I'm pretty indifferent to Sabean because I don't know how much influence ownership had on the moves he made the last few years, but one guy who should be getting crushed right now is Billy Beane. Name one move he's made this season that's worked? Beane essentially traded Rich Harden for Scott Hairtson. I bet A's fans would be mad, if there were any.

BREAKING NEWS: The Giants' sbest players need to stay healthy to compete! DUH!

Susan Slusser's A's thoughts at the break.


Jerry Mac says don't worry about the Raiders cutting a player they just drafted three months ago. I'd worry a little. It's not good when you cut a player you just drafted BEFORE training camp because it siginifies problems with player evaluation.

A lot of fans in the Bay Area are excited for the 49ers 2009 season, but the guys at Football Outsiders aren't so optimistic. That's not good because those guys are good at what they do.

Singletary was on the Dan Patrick show today.