RT Checks the Wire 9/15/09


* Can imagine how good the pitching would be in major league baseball if every pitcher pitched like they were in the twilight of their career? Also, Tomko wins again [SF Gate]

* The teaser line for this game on espn.com was (is) "Lincecum shakes balky back to stun Rockies". FACT: It is not possible for the defending and soon to be again Cy Young award winner to stun anybody with good pitching. [ESPN]

* We aren't in this thing despite what the Bay Area media is saying. Please remember they get paid by the teams to give you a reason to buy tickets. [SJ Mercury]


* Cam Inman thinks the Raiders aren't hopeless. No word on if he thinks that because JaMarcus Russell can throw the ball hard. [CC Times]

* What is more likely - A) The Raiders are much better than people thought and they have a chance of going .500 this season or B) The Chargers had a bad night, the Raiders had a great night and the Raiders still couldn't beat the Chargers. I will go with B and the rest of the Bay Area media that gets paid by the teams to cover their games will go with A. Feel free to make your own decision. [SF Gate]

* NOTE: If you bet against the Raiders in every game this season and trade it correctly your return will be the S&P 500 for the rest of this year. Game 1: $100 bet - $20 return. We are 20% so far. But don't worry ... the Raiders have hope this season just like the A's have a chance to make the playoffs.

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