Checking the Wire 9/9/09


Tim Lincecum was scratched and Messiah prospect, 20 year old Madison Bumgarner, got the start. Bumgarner looked good, not great, and some scouts weren't impressed. Kawakami said MB's start was different. [Merc]

The Giants should sign every available Uribe in the Dominican Republic. As John Shea notes, Juan Uribe is on fire. [SFGate]

Mark Purdy says back issues can be very bad. I'm not listening. I'm not listening. La la la la la la. [Merc]

The A's just can't escape the Giants' shadow. SFGate's header for the the latest A's recap, "Tomko beans Pierzynski in win." [SFGate]


Matt Maiocco with a gloomy forecast for the 49ers-Crabtree situation. Maiocco says the 49ers might have to consider lowering their offer to ensure Crabtree won't sign. If Crabtree doesn't' sign by Nov. 17th he would not be eligible to play this season and the 49ers would have from March 1 through draft day to trade Crabtree's rights. To me, it's just a shame. [Press Democrat]

Kevin Lynch predicts a 8-8 record for the 49ers this year. Matt Maiocco predicted 6-10 earlier this week. What's better? Optimism or realism? Realism. The 49ers have potential, but a lot of important issues need to be resolved to reach that potential, i.e. pass rush/passing offense. [SFGate]

The 49ers also made a practice squad change, but still only have 7 of the 8 positions filled. What possible roster move could be looming? A Crabtastic move? Or just a third TE move? Time will tell. [Sac Bee]

Meanwhile. Across the Bay, another Eugen Parker client fails to show up for work. Richard Seymour is still a no-show after being traded from the Patriots to the Raiders. Jerry Mac runs down what it would likely cost to get Seymour into a Silver and Black uniform. [CC Times]