Checking the Wire 9/28/09


Kawkami's recap of both Bay Area teams' Sundays. [Merc] I agree with TK's assessment of the 49ers game. Brett Favre made a perfect throw that 90% of NFL QB's wouldn't make and Greg Lewis made an amazing catch that 90% of NFL WRs wouldn't make. Don't complain about the last series when the Niners ran three times and punted. Everyone wants to use hindsight and say if they had only gotten a first down by passing, they would have won the game. What would you say if they tried to pass and threw incomplete, leaving the Vikings with 40 extra seconds AND a timeout for the final drive? You'd ask why Singletary didn't just run the ball. A gritty performance on the road, losing Frank Gore on the first play and not converting a third down all day and Minnesota still needed a miracle play to win. I didn't see any of the Raiders game due to black out related reasons, but JaMarcus Russell is getting closer to bust-ville every game.

The final drive through the eyes of Brett Favre. [SFGate]

Cam Inman asks, Is the bloom already off Cal's rose? I answer, Yes. [CC Times]

You know you're bad when even Scott Ostler can tee off on your franchise. [SFGate]

Mark Purdy on what the 49ers should remember from yesterday's loss. [Merc]


In Baggs' post game notes from last night, only three SF Giants have got 200 hits in a season. [Merc]

John Shea checks in on how ex-A's have done since they've left Oakland. [SFGate]