Fat Guy Coalition Boom/Bust Players 2009 Tracker

In our FGC 2009 NFL Preview, RT and I picked players we projected to have breakout performances and players whose performance would be well under expectations from each division. In the name of accountability and so we can call each other out for terrible, terrible predictions, here is a weekly run down of who we picked to be Boomers or Busters. Blue is a Koski pick, Green is a RT pick.


Greg Jennings - Well, he's coming off a zero catch game, but he went 6 for 106 and a TD in week 1. It's all good.

Marques Colston - Leads all receivers in TDs with three and has 11 receptions. Saints' offense should keep rolling.

Felix Jones - Only 13 carries through two weeks, but Jones is averageing 9.1 ypc and should get more touches on MNF with Barber likely out due to injury.

Donnie Avery - Ouch. Not looking good on this one. Seven receptions, fifty yards, no touchdowns and two fumbles. Did I put him on the wrong list?

Ray Maualuga - The tackle numbers aren't there yet, but he's got a sack and two forced fumbles so far.

Andre Johnson - Fourteen catches, 184 yards and two touchdowns through two weeks. As long as Darrell Revis isn't covering him, he's unstoppable.

Gary Guyton - Jury is still out on Guyton, but Jerod Mayo's injury has opened the door. Boom or bust time for Guyton and RT's pick.

Vincent Jackson - Eleven catches, 197 yards and two touchdowns. In case you missed it, the Chargers aren't a running team anymore.


Brett Favre - He's 31st in passing yards this season. Brady Quinn has 100 more yards passing than Brett.

Derrick Ward - Twenty one carries for 94 yarsd and a score, but much of his touches have been diverted to Cadillac Williams. Unfortunately for me, not Ward, Cadillac is hurting and Ward should see an increased workload thsi week.

Brian Westbrook - Typical Wetbrook. He hasn't practived all week and is listed as questionable. He's got 22 carries and 116 yards through two games, about half the production you'd expect from him.

Kurt Warner - Just completed an NFL record 92% of his passes last week. Rt, are you sure I didn't mix up my NFC west picks?

Joe Flacco - He's tied for second with five touchdown passes and sixth in passer rating. Will it last?

Anthony Gonzalez - Sprained his PCL in the opener and has yet to get into the stat book.

Terrell Owens - Five receptions, 98 yards and a touchdown for Team Obliterator. He hasn't even begun to implode, yet either.

JaMarcus Russell - Brady Quinn has a better passer rating. JMR is dead last in completion percentage, 15% lower than #31. 15%!!!!

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