Checking the Wire 9/14/09


Bruce Jenkins' thoughts on Sunday Week 1 of the 2009 NFL season. [SFGate]

Yes, it was an ugly win for the 49ers. Isn't there another tag line though? [Ratto] [Kawakami]

I think Cam Inman had the best assignment yesterday. Go watch football with Madden and then write about it. [CC Times]

Gwen Knapp reminds us that it wasn't just the offenses that had a rough game yesterday. Ref Don Carey was fumbling all over the place. [SFGate]

Tonight is a big litmus test for JaMarcus Russell. MNF against a strong defense. Can he handle it? [CC Times]


After the first Heatley trade rumors were denied, another Heatley trade happened. Good move, giving up Cheechoo and Michalek and getting a shooting assassin. [Merc]


From Friday, some actual A's writing worth reading. The A's top hitting prospects. [CC Times]

Apparently, Tim Lincecum uses the Magic 8 Ball when responding to whether he pitches tonight: "All signs point to yes." [SFGate]

Philthy posted his Top 5 Dodgers I hate on Facebook, but I couldn't think of a top five myself. I think Casey Blake makes the list,but that's probably just recent bitterness. I'd say Brett Butler because his betrayal burned. Philthy had Jeff Kent #2, but Jeff Kent made his name as a Giant, and his Dodger career was just the last chapter in his career.


  1. Frisco Kid Says:

    Brett Butler didn't "burn" the Giants. They didn't offer him a contract so he left for LA.