Checking the Wire 9/10/09


In theory, running the ball 60% of the time would be awesome. In reality, it comes off a little crazy and unrealistic. Kawakami asks if the philosophy could be affecting the 49ers roster? [Merc]

Four hundred useless words from Ratto about Michael Crabtree. [SFGate]

Cam Inman sees a New Orleans-Pittsburgh Super Bowl and the Raiders losing 12 games and the 49ers making the playoffs. [CC Times]

Only the Raiders could inspire sympathy for a multi-millionaire, three-time Super Bowl champ who refuses to show up for work. [SFGate]

Kawakami talks about how 2009 marks a changing of the guard of the elite talent in the NFL and then goes on to pick a New England-New York Giants Super Bowl. Boring. [Merc]

Did the Patriots renege on a deal with Richard Seymour? [Sac Bee]


When should Lincecum start again? Umm, how about ASAP? [SFGate]

The Giants lose two of three to the Padres, at home while the Rockies keep winning. It's ain't over, but it's over. [SFGate]

Speaking of over, the A's are still playing and losing. [SFGate]