RT Checks the Wire 8/11/09


* When your starting pitcher walks the first hitter of the game on 4 pitches, you are going to lose. I actually turned off the game and did something productive with my evening. How many of you did the same?

* The Dodgers signed Manny Ramirez so they are going to win the West. The Giants didn't sign Manny Ramirez so they won't. I don't think baseball has ever been this simple.

* True or False. The Red Sox don't really want to win the division because they own the Angels in the post-season and would rather face them than an AL Central team? (Hint: True)

* The A's win and again ... nobody cares.

* The player du jour is Eugenio Velez. When he starts to struggle, here are the odds on the next utlity player that everyone will hail as a hero: Ishikawa 2 to 1, Juan Uribe 3 to 1, Bowker 5 to 1, Ortmeier 20 to 1, Aurilia 200 to 1. My money is on Aurilia.


* I hate pre-season football. Here is your meaningless Raiders article.

* I hate pre-season football. Here is your meaningless Niners article.

* I hate pres-season football. Here is your meaningless Stanford article.


* Speaking of meaningful football ... USA v. Mexico tomorrow.