Checking the Wire 8/19/09


Kawakami highlights his Raiders musings from Monday. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Raider Nation will not be happy.[Merc]

Ratto on the impact of Chaz Schillens' injury. Not good. [SFGate]

Gwen Knapp writes what we're all thinking regarding Favre, embarrassing. And, UGH! [SFGate]

Mark Purdy poits the finger at Tom Cable for not coming clean with the "true" story. [Merc]

49ers-Raiders scrimmage notes from Matt Maiocco. [Press Democrat] And from David White on the Raiders. [SFGate]


John Shea profiles the patience of Nate Schierholtz. Nate must know Randy Winn's contract is up this season and Fred Lewis won't be allowed back inside AT&T. [SFGate]

Lincecum didn't have it yesterday, at all. He did have some karma leftover from last week and the Giants actually overcame a 5-1 deficit. Ryan Garko got two key hits. It's true. [Merc]

Maybe another reason why the Giants weren't too hesitant about parting with Alderson, #1 draft pick, Zack Wheeler. [SFGate]


MTII checks in on the Warriors machinations with CJ WAtson. [CC Times]