Checking the Wire 8/7/09


The big news in 49ersland is that Michael Crabtree is prepared to sit out the entire season and re-enter the draft in 2010. All this according to his "adviser." Here's my problem with this story. Why does this guy keep getting referred to as Crabtree's cousin and adviser? To me, that says he's Crabtree's cousin who has given himself title of adviser. Two days ago, Matt Maiocco mad a good point about holding out. Why would you not say you're willing to hold out the entire season? If you didn't it'd be an empty threat. Also, said adviser doesn't have the shiniest resume according to a Dallas Observer story from seven years ago. This story is overblown. Let Crabtree's agent speak for him, that's what he's paid to do. Besides, the #3 pick, #4 pick, #9 pick, #11 pick, #12 pick and #19 pick all haven't signed as of now as well. They just don't have advisers saying stupid things in the press.

The Patriots will salvage another Raiders' cast off. Al Davis, you are officially Bob Kraft's bitch.


How could we miss this yesterday? The A's signed Brett Tomko!


European Futbol aka Soccer invades the Bay Area tomorrow night when FC Barcelona takes on Chivas after the Earthquakes-Crew match. Are you pumped? Thought so.

Mark Purdy says that it's not that Americans don't like soccer, they just don't like bad scoccer. I will partially agree. Soccer is boring. Why do you think the fans have to make up songs, hop up and down all game and brawl?