Checking the Wire 8/24/09


Kawakami anticipates Zito's most important Giants' start, yet. Also, Lincecum's performance after 120+ pitch counts. [Merc]

The A's have mastered the art of disaster, so says Ray Ratto. [SFGate]


While Alex Smith didn't improve his chances for a regular season start in his preseason start on Saturday, he did show some toughness, which was nice to see. [Merc]

Dan Brown's case for Shaun Hill to be starting QB for the 49ers. [Merc]

Matt Gutierrez runs down day after notes from Coach Cable including Javon Walker news. [Sac Bee]

According to Cable, Kirk Morrison's injured elbow shouldn't keep him out of week 1. [CC Times]

Mike Lombardi looks at Vegas and how they do lines. [NFP]


Michael Beasley checks into rehab? [Yahoo!] I wonder why? [SportsbyBrooks]

MTII ponders the Warriors' playoff chances next season. His conclusion: Hell Mutha F#@$ing No! [CC Times]