Checking the Wire 6/29/09


I'm starting to worry about Kawakami, he's being too positive lately.

Tough news for one of the A's promising young starters. Looks like Tommy John for Josh Outman.

During this time of tainted sluggers and records, Gwen Knapp goes back to 61* and says that Cooperstown should induct Roger Maris.


If you missed it yesterday, Kawakami updated the Amare/Warriors situation and threw a new name into the mix, last year's #2 pick, Michael Beasley. Pure speculation on TK's part, but very interesting. RT is going to put together his own piece on the Warriors' trade options this offseason for tomorrow or Wednesday.


Matt Barrows eases your offseason 49ers needs with an in-depth look at the D-Line. Part 2. I know this is only his second season, but this is a make or break year for Balmer. He needs to be starting by the second half of the season or it's going to be tough to dodge the Bust label. First round picks are supposed to have the ability to get on the field quickly. Barrows mentions Balmer has been working out with justin Smith, so if he still can't make the starting lineup with a high motor mentor like Smith?


I went to Santa Cruz, which was foggy, instead of watching the US-Brazil Confed Cup final. Nuff said, right? Nope. Props to Ann Killion, though as she actually follows soccer.


The Bay Area/Country seemed amp'd for the NBA Draft/Trades involved on Thursday, but what about the NHL draft? Purdy says it was a bore for the Sharks, but the off season could get more exciting...