Checking the Wire 6/22/09


Fear not, Tennis fans! Bruce Jenkins has your Wimbledon preview! Can you name more than 10 people who like Tennis? Bruce Jenkins, Ted Robinson, maybe Ralph Barbieri, umm, Mike and the Mad Dog, I think and that's all I can manage.


Will Clark played with the Giants for only seven seasons, but he is my favorite Giant and the favorite of most Giants fans of my era. Why? I don't know exactly what it was, but it's all over this article.

Sandoval batted clean up and, what happened, Scott Ostler? He "cleaned up." Let me get this straight. The Giants' best hitter still hit well batting fourth instead of third or fifth? I have to sit down.

In slightly less shocking news, Moneyball: The Movie, is pretty much done.

Randy Winn: The Bad News, trade value might be negative. The Good News, he won't be a Giant next year.

Nobody writes about the A's. I'm actually beginning to feel a little sorry for A's fans. Not even their beat writers do post game notes. So, here are the MLB standings, enjoy the analysis, A's fans.


Nelson? Riley? Rowell? Cohan? Who is running things in Oakland? Monta Ellis.

Kawakami's first installment of Warriors' draft scenarios(NBA draft is Thursday), today's episode: Jordan Hill
Money Quote:

(Again, hate to do the negative thing, but just for comparison’s sake, Ike Diogu was a 22.6/9.75 guy in his third and final season at Arizona State. That’s a bad comparison for any Hill drafting, I realize.)