RT Checks the Wire 6/30/09


* Repeat after me - "Mentioning Matt Cain in the same breathe as Tim Lincecum is insulting"

* Good article in about aging players and how 33 is the magic number for position players who don't take steroids. Is it possible that the Renteria could look worse than it did a day ago? The answer is YES.

* Chances of the Giants screwing up the Lincecum contract situation ... 95%.


* Why do the Warriors need Amare? Will someone please answer that question for me. I just don't get it.

* The best part of this article is this "C.J. Watson is a restricted free agent, meaning the Warriors have the right to match any offer he receives." Isn't this the next article on C.J. Watson ... The Warriors have decided not to match Oakland Tech's offer of $25,000 a year to C.J Watson to coach their boys basketball team.


* From the writer who said the Magic were going to win the Finals because Dwight Howard can dunk hard, here is his next great article ... the importance of women's soccer.


* Interesting story about Alex Smith

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