Checking the Wire 6/15/09


"See what you get Warriors? See what you get when..." you suck for more than a decade? We are subjected to articles about how the Lakers can maintain their roster for another C-h-a-m-p-i-o-n-s-h-i-p run. I hate the Lakers.

In actual Warriors news, MTII promotes the idea of drafting Stephen Curry and if not, at least make the Knicks pay to get him. I'll say this about that. Even if Stephen Curry's basketball IQ is the complete opposite of Mikael Pietrus' Bball IQ, he's too small to match with Monta. Just for fun, let's look at how a Monta/Curry starting lineup would matchup against the World Champion Lakers.

PG Curry 6'3 180 v. Derek Fisher/Jordan Farmar 6'1 210/6'2 180
SG Ellis 6'3 180 v. Kobe 6'6 205
SF Jackson 6'8 215 v. Ariza 6'8 210
PF Randolph 6'10 210 v. Gasol 7'0 250
C Biedrins 6'11 240 v. Bynum 7'0 285

This is from Friday
, but apparently it doesn't matter if Janny Hu is on vacation or not, you won't get a lot of substance from the Warriors writers.

It would probably be something like: the rights to Hill and Corey Maggette for the rights to Williams, an easily bought-out contract from Jerry Stackhouse and a future first-round pick.
You still in?
Are you kidding me? Of course I'm in! By all accounts this is not a great draft after the first two picks. Isn't it a no-brainer to make that trade if it means moving Corey Maggette and his $40MM over the next four years for one year and $7.5MM of Jerry Stackhouse?

Bruce Jenkins points out that all of Kobe's rings have come against sucky Eastern teams: Old Pacers, AI and the Sixers, JKidd and the Nets and the Magic.


Nate Shierholtz hit an inside the park HR and had a nice assist from right field and he's from Danville. Giants fans, get your hopes up!! This guy must be the real deal.

RIP Eric Chavez' baseball career.