The Mondays: Pop the Champagne

49ers: Nice win for the team and Singletary as Singletary was officially named head coach after the game. It was a good win because it seems that the decision to hire Singletary had been made earlier in the week and the rumors of such provided a good deal of distraction from a meaningless week 17 game. We’ll have plenty of time to discuss the future direction of this team, so I’ll stick with what I saw yesterday. The offensive line was playing hard and opening holes. DeShaun Foster doesn’t seem to run very hard for a big back (Carolina fans nod in agreement) even though he had a decent game. Shaun Hill was off in the first half after the initial drive, although that drive was mostly running plays. The defense held Portis to minimal gains after his first score, but had trouble containing Santana Moss. The Redskins were picking on Walt Harris and he should probably move to nickel back next season. Mark Roman continues to disappoint. Two full seasons without creating a turnover is unacceptable for a free safety. Bryant Johnson has played well the last couple games since he’s been healthy, but not better than either Jason Hill or Josh Morgan. Justin Smith did everything, pressured Jason Campbell, played the run well and tipped a pass or two. The 49ers have defended TEs well all year, but Chris Cooley had a pretty good game. You have to love the 1:30 drill Hill ran at the end of the game to set up the winning FG. The 49ers are the only team to score more than 25 points against the Redskins all season.

Raiders: Huge win for the Raiders and for the Eagles. Tampa’s defense has fallen off of late, coinciding with D-Coor Monte Kiffin announcing he was leaving after the season to join his son’s staff at Tennessee. Michael Bush made the case that he is a running back and not a full back. Johnnie Lee Higgins might be something. I don’t think he’s a top tier guy, at all, but he’s got speed and moves and that’s always dangerous. I don’t know if Cable is the guy for the head coaching job. Al Davis complicates things because he runs his franchise like no other owner, but Oakland showed yesterday that they are closer to competing than we were led to believe at the beginning of the season.
Sharks: The Sharks have problems with the Blues. I’m not sure why, it’s probably just one of those things like why Luther Head only goes buck wild against the Warriors. Nabby had a great game against the Blues, but I think they ran out of gas in the OT. The Sharks were very active at the end of the third, but looked a little slow in overtime. When the game went to a shootout, the Sharks didn’t look comfortable. The game was on the road and the Sharks still earned a point, so it’s not all bad. Tonight they play another team they’ve struggled against in the past, the Dallas Stars. It’s a tough stretch for the Sharks as they go to Minnesota after Dallas, come home for a game versus the Islanders then back to the road versus Calgary and Edmonton.

Warriors: They beat the World Champion Boston Celtics!! It’s all turning around!! It’s going to be okay!!! Nope. The Warriors caught the Celts after a back to back at the end of a road trip. It was still a good win, no doubt, but it’s going to be just a flash in the pan. Toronto visits tonight before the Warriors hit the road again and will have played 7 of 9 on the road. Just read Kawakami’s blog saying StackJack talked to Baron and Baron wants to come back. Too late. The Warriors are already screwed and it’ll probably cost Bellinelli, Randolph or Wright to get rid one of their other bad contracts. Worst of all, it won’t help in the win column at all.

Giants: They singed Randy Johnson to a one year deal. Good move. I hope he’s a good mentor to Cain and Lincecum. He’s only five wins shy of 300, so that’ll be a nice milestone to celebrate. Any excuse to party, right?

A's: Nothing to report. I would write about something if there was something, you have to believe me.

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