A Case of the Mondays - 12/15/08

49ers - The Niners looked good, except for Mark Roman. He didn't locate the ball and let David Martin, TE David Martin, get deep on him and score a long TD. On the Dolphins second TD, a missed coverage, by Roman, lead to a rookie third TE to get his first NFL TD.

Vernon Davis played pretty well, even though he dropped a wide open third down conversion. Also, Davis was right to want to be in on the final play. Barry Sims(alone) v. Joey Porter? Seriously? The team ran a lot more of the offense through Davis this game, which I liked. He had a screen pass that picked up a first down. He had a carry, which was cool, becuase the Niners ran it out of a formation they use all the time, where Davis motions to fullback. I didn't see any deep plays to Davis, though.

Isaac Bruce looks better every week, surprisingly. He's 59 yards from being second all time in receiving yards. Tim Brown has 14, 934 Bruce has 14,875 and #1 Jerry Rice has....22,895!!!! Insane.

I really think a healthy Frank Gore makes a huge difference in this game, despite Foster's better than expected showing.

Warriors - Too many chefs in the kitchen for the Warriors. It started with Baron opting out and it's been a series of unfortunate events ever since. Can we trade Jamal Crawford and Corey Maggette to the Clippers for Baron back? The team is just not the same and I don't know how it can be fixed right now without Isaiah Thomas in the league. God bless Andris Biedrins, the only guy on the Warriors earning his money these days. Check out Kawakami's latest blog piece about the possible trade scenarios available beginning today.

Sharks - I'm trying to get into the Sharks more. I've been tracking them more and more over the last couple years. I'm making even more of an effort this year because they are just plain good. They're like the Pariots of 2007 in a way. If you weren't into the NFL, you'd want to watch that team play to get an idea of what makes a good team. The Sharks are that way in the NHL this year. After they were down 3-1 to the Blues Saturday night in the 2nd period, they knew they could comeback, the fans at The Tank knew they could come back, I even knew they could come back, and they did comeback. Plus, West Coast hockey's biggest rivalry, of course it's Norcal v. Socal, Anaheim v. San Jose. The Sharks 2-0 shut out last week tells you who's in control right now.

Raiders - JaMarcus Russell must feel like he signed a deal with the Devil. Maybe he did. I hope, fo his sake, that Al brings in someone to mold him to his potential. He looked bad yesterday. The Raiders didn't even make it into Pats territory midway through the second quater. Sammy Morris averaged 8.7 seven yards a carry and LaMont Jordan averaged 8.1 yards and Kevin Faluk averaged 7.5!!

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