Harrington to NYC, Crawford to the GSW

Marc Stein and Marcus Thompson report that Al Harringotn to the Knicks for Jamal Crawford.

I was fooling around with the trade machine after Baron opted out and I looked at the Knicks and Crawford, of course I wanted David Lee, too. The W's are playing for the playoffs this season, which will make the fans happy. If Morrow, Wright and Randolph can get some quality minutes along the way, they'll be playing for the future as well.

I guess there will be no LBJ/D-Wade/Bosh action in 2010. Oh well.

I know Crawford has 3 years left on his deal, but he fits well with Monta. As Monta's undersized, Crawford is a 6'5" PG, granted a shooter PG. It'll be nice to see what the team looks like with Crawford, Ellis/Morrow(if he stays hot), StackJack, Maggette and Biedrins are capable of. Hopefully, they're capable of a playoff spot.

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