Different Year, Same Old Warriors

The last two seasons have been, essentially, miraculous for Warrior fans. The fact that the last two season have included an 8th playoff seed and then winning 48 games and missing the playoffs speaks volumes about miracles in general.

Warriors' fans have paid their dues and achieved the "Die Hard" status for putting up with such a putrid product for so many years and still persevering to create a big home court advantage for its team. Unfortunately, the way the team is being run from the top is endangering the "Die Hard" status which could be swapped with "Foolish" as the team shows the inability to build on it's own momentum.

The latest evidence is Robert Rowell's power play. An egotistical move that has nothing to do with the quality of play on the court, but rather infighting in the front office and status posturing. No matter the outcome, Rowell v. Mullin has one loser, the fans.

Tim Kawakami's item today details the latest event in the Lord of the Flies battle. Lord of the Flies might be too nice of a categorization, after all, that was a fictional story. It didn't really happen, and this is really happening. So, we'll call this a Stalinist maneuver. If somebody is making you look bad by looking good, murk 'em. Now, you look good because they're gone.

Have we returned to 2004-05 times? Not quite. The 2008 W's are better than that, talent wise, but probably equal, standings wise. Home games will be vastly different than road games, so at least money paying fans will be entertained at the Oracle.

Until a legitimate point guard is brought in, even when/if Monta returns, the team will struggle to stay afloat as a playoff contender.

What does it say about me as a Warriors fan that all I want to see is Brandan Wright get more playing time? I've completely given up on this season already. The team is 2-3 and I'm done. Last season the team started 0-6 and I didn't give up. But last season was last season, and this season is what it is.

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