Harrington Confounds

So, per Marcus Thompson II and TimKawakami, Harrington is getting an MRI on his back today. Here's the important line:

His agent, Dan Fegan, says that Harrington has been nursing a back injury since late last month and that Harrington is scheduled for an MRI later today.
The "real" question here for me is was Harrington's back hurting when he publicly announced his desire for a trade? Seems like a bad idea to "ask" for a trade when you know you're hurt and usually teams aren't too eager to trade for a guy who's hurt, especially back hurt. I wonder if this is what led to Nellie's comments a couple days ago:
"He thinks he's a superstar. I think he's a very good player. If he wants to be traded, we'll try to accommodate him,"
Nelllie is usually good for some straight talk, so nothing immediately stood out about his quote. When we revisit the quote it shines a little different under the news today.
1) Only superstar's are allowed(read: not killed in the press) to ask for trades. Even hurt ones.
2) Nellie's underlying sarcasm with "we'll try and accommodate him" speaks both to Nellie's opinion of Al's "superstar" status and the proposition of trading a big guy with a hurt back who doesn't rebound.

Now that the McCain campaign is over, I look forward to dominating the blogosphere's "air quotes" tally unopposed.

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