Quick Note on Monta's Return

Monta looked good and the game lived up to and even surpassed expectations. StackJack was back hitting big shots all game and the Warriors played well even without Jamal Carawford and the game was close and exciting all game even though the result was sour , LBJ pulling an MJ to end the game was sweet. Two last second shot losses in a row for the Warriors, burn. Here's Kawakami's recap, blog with Monta, SJAX, and Nellie Q&A transcript, MTII's take, Cam Inman talks LBJ for MVP and a Patty Mills mention, Ratto gives two thumbs up, and Janny Hu says Baron won't play at the Oracle tomorrow.

I haven't been at Warriors' practices, so I haven't seen Monta play ball until last night and the guy has a lot more tattoos than I remember. I thought guys got a bunch of tattoos before they got paid? Was Monta on his way to get ink when he wrapped his moped? I have to get a better look at them before I pass judgement, as long as he doesn't get a big pair of lips...