Checking the Wire - 1/28/09

A lot of different people are commenting on the length of time it has taken the 49ers to hire an offensive coordinator. Ratto is confident Jackson is the new front runner, but the search process was borderline Raiders-esque.

In case you haven't heard, Matt and Matt and Kevin Lynch have the scoop on Hue Jackson returning to Santa Clara the other day for a second interview for the offensive coordinator position.

Kawakami does a little Hue Jackson speculation involving TJ Houshmandzadeh.

The Giants will announce today that WILL CLARK IS COMING BACK!!!!! Baggs had it last night.

Also from Baggs, Noah Lowry defers to the hall of famer of the staff.


Steinmetz is serving up reality pie for all those eternal optimist Warriors fans.

Janny Hu gets the skinny on how Anthony Randolph, the son of two cooks, could be so...skinny.

Adam Lauridsen breaks out some head scratching numbers regarding the breakdown of minutes vs. performance in Nelson's rotation.

The Raiders hired a defensive line coach.

The Raiders also interview a candidate for defensive coordinator who has 49ers ties.

The A's are close to signing Russ Springer. Kids get your Springer jerseys. Also, radio man Ken Korach was re-upped for a couple more seasons.

Nabokov stoned the Avalanche when Limieux returned to Colorado last night.

Bruce Jenkins goes over the unsigned free agents and the economy's impact on their status. In a related note, I know a guy who saw CC Sabtahia at the Gucci store in Union Square last weekend shopping while being served Cristal.